Tuesday, 15 January 2013

She Must Be Insane Part 1

Yay, time for the first installment of my Insane journey.

As the first two weeks of this project draw to a close, I am a little bit disappointed in my lack of progress. I'm laying the blame on my /slightly/ obsessive personality, which I honestly thought was going to help me power through this. Apparently, my brain likes obsessing over things that are more fun than killing pirates in Tanaris.

Things like spirit wolf dancing in Karazhan and playing with tiny toy boats.

Honestly though, I've been reading. Yes, reading. You see I got a Kobo e-reader for Christmas from my parents and I bought a snazzy case for it. This one to be specific - 1984. So, I've been walking around town trying to get people to fall for it, because it looks like I'm reading a book, a classic book. They'll think "Oh my, she's so intelligent/cultured/whatever" when I really have 50 shades loaded on it. I've had a great time so far with it, and fooled a couple of classmates all of whom asked me if I've read the real book (No, it's next on my to-buy list when I have some extra cash)

That being said, I did name some progress on the rep front so here are my current totals

Booty Bay: Hated 2665
Everlook: Hated 2665
Gadgetzan: Hated 5340
Ratchet: Hated 2665
Darkmoon Faire: Friendly 4450

All in all definitely not where I wanted to be at this stage, but progress is progress. I will do better next time :)


  1. That steamwheedle Cartel rep grind is awful .. I started it gah too long ago (before Cata) and have still not finished it. If you want some company send me an invite, Starre#1621

    1. Sounds great. I'll add you to my battle.net and if I see you online while I'm grinding rep, I'll shoot you an invite.

  2. I'm impressed you're doing it at all! I don't know if I could do it...