Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dailies, they get a bad rep

The flaws in the new dailies system for Mists of Pandaria, have been thoroughly pointed out. I'm not here to contest them, really. I completely agree, with the idea that valour point gear should not have a rep requirement. Also, if Blizzard really wanted to place rep requirements on valour gear, maybe they shouldn't have made dailies the only way to gain rep with all of the Mists Factions. Anyway, I'm not here to go over any of that information, that is for another post, another time.

Today, I want to look at the other side, the side nobody is paying attention to. Fact of the matter is, the daily quest hubs, they're not all bad.

I think my absolute favourite thing about doing my dailies comes from the Order of Cloud Serpent, the Anglers, and to some extent the Tillers. They incorporate your secondary professions. You probably don't know this yet, but I HATE all of the secondary professions. Cooking, sort of hate it. Fishing, hate it. Archaeology, super hate that one. I hate First Aid so much I never trained it, and still refuse to. I'm not going through the pain of leveling it just to complete one additional daily. Part of the reason I hate them is because they never had a place where they fit in my WoW experience. Time spent on secondary professions, to me, was time wasted doing something unbelievably boring that I could be doing something, anything else. By adding secondary professions to the daily quests they've given me a task, that levels up my secondary professions and only requires 5 minutes of my time spent on each every day. My Archaeology is 600, thanks to Cloud Serpents, otherwise I doubt I would ever have leveled it. My cooking, I leveled from 450 to 525 in 10 minutes because of the Tillers.

 They give me something to do in WoW. I fully admit I'm a WoW casual. Between school, work, and all of my other obligations I only really get one or two hours of play per night, if I'm lucky. I don't have the time to raid, and I don't have a real guild at the moment. My time right now, is split between pet battles and dailies. They are my source of WoW income and probably the meat and bones of what I'm doing in game right now. As someone who is in no rush to speed through content, I'm perfectly happy to take my time and slowly build my rep.

Farming, is awesome. No, not repetitively killing mobs, growing vegetables on my farm for the Tillers. 'Nuff said.

I can do them in Disc spec. That's huge for me, because I don't have a shadow spec. I need to be able to complete them easily, in a timely manner through spamming smite. I can; therefore, I rather like them.

Tabard dungeon farming for rep was repetitive too, it just didn't have a cap on how much you could do in a day.

Like I said, I don't think that the daily hubs are perfect, I completely agree that there are flaws and that they're not everyones cup of tea.I think though, that a lot of people are forgetting that, as with many things in WoW, your dailies are voluntary. So do them if you want to or leave them alone. The choice is up to you.

I'm counting the picture at the top for my IntPiPoMo so 40/50. 10 to go :D

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