Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This is a rant. I had a pretty decent post planned to talk about my forays into heroics, but in light of recent events, I cannot concentrate on it and in lieu of posting nothing, I am posting this. Feel free to disregard.

I did poorly on my math test today. In retrospect, 73% is probably not the worst anyone has ever done on a math test, and it's probably not the worst anyone will ever do. In fact there is an Integral Calculus test on my parents fridge with a 60% and my name on it, that's how happy we were that I managed a pass. 73% is a terrible mark when you take into consideration that until today, I held a 100% average. 73% is horrible when you consider that I did all of the questions right, just had some careless transcription errors that I didn't catch when I looked over the test.

Worse though, than my disappointment that I lost marks over stupid mistakes, is my shame that I am too much of a perfectionist to be happy that I am carrying a 93% average and that it's thrown my whole day off.

As if my mood could not get worse, my class is being split up. I've spent the last 12 weeks making friends with these people, and now they are going to redo the class rosters. I am beyond pissed. I like my class. I like things the way they are. Not to mention that the other class is notoriously less friendly than my class. There are no good reasons as to why they would redo the class rosters.

To top it off I had to delete my WTF folder to fix LUI which wouldn't install itself for some reason... now all of my clique bindings are gone.

Feeling sad, annoyed, angry, maybe even a little betrayed.

Apologies for the lame post today


  1. /hug
    Oh Malk :( I hope something nice happens to you soon. You need it.

    1. Thank you Navi, I am sure that things will look up. Sooner rather than later preferably.