Monday, 31 December 2012

And a Happy New Year

With welcoming in the New Year tonight we also say goodbye to the holidays. I'll admit, I'm relieved, even happy to see them go and ready to go back into my normal routine. If there's one thing I can get behind, it's a good routine. I swear, I'm only a little bit of a control freak which I think is partially why I love healing so much. You'll notice that I elected to sit home and write on my blog rather then go out and get belligerent drunk, that's partially the control thing.

Anyway, with the return of normal day to day life both Cy and my parents will go back to working their regular hours and I will be left with more peaceful hours like the ones I'm using now to work on writing. Obviously, I can't speak for anyone else but I find it so much easier to put my fingers to the keys and post something when I'm alone. When Cy is home he always wants something from me be it doing dungeons or that he's hungry and wants help in the kitchen so I don't get the opportunity to sit down for an hour and work on new posts. When my parents are off mum always wants me to come over. She likes having me in the house, even if we're not doing anything together, which is fine but I never get any work done. Most of all, I will be glad to go back to school. I miss my lunch hours which have always been set aside for the reading, commenting, and replying to my own comments. I feel utterly lost without them. I miss my friends too, and I am anxious to see the new class rosters as there are some people I would like to see both in my class and not in it.

A few quick updates from the past few weeks. I'm now 1/2 of the way to owning my own Mr. Bigglesworth. I would be 8/12 but I've been running with Cy and we've agreed to run the dungeons until both of us finish the achievement and as such the pets that both of us need, both of us roll on. We run all four raids together and then I run AQ to Visidius and Molten Core, just the Harbinger solo. Also, I got my feral vermling by securing 250 unique pets.

I've been gearing up my priest I'm 10 ilevel points away from being LFR geared. Really the more I heal heroics the more I love Disc again. I can hardly believe that there was a time I felt I would never get into the absorption style of healing but gee, I just love it. I was sad to read that in 5.2 they are removing Spirit Shells ability to benefit from mastery. I understand that they need to make other stats attractive to Discipline, I just feel like scaling it back might be a better option than removing it altogether (this is just an opinion based largely on the rhetoric used in the description of our mastery and not at all on any actual numbers). Another note on the 5.2 changes, I really like the spell Holy Fire, mostly because it gives a nice little dot and breaks up the tedium of always spamming smite. It irks me that it's being trashed and consolidated into Power Word: Solace because nothing will ever make me give up mindbender. I really like my mana regen to be passive and not take up time I could potentially use for healing people. On a more positive note, I will happily take the buff to Angelic Feather so thank you for that Blizz.

A few notes on the New Year.

I'm sure everyone is doing this, but what good is a New Year if one does not make plans for it? Did I mention yet that I absolutely love plans? Oh and lists, I love lists.

1. I'd like to be able to make a blog schedule, one that I can realistically commit to that includes some sort of weekly or bi-monthly segment. I'd really like to do some sort of recurring segment.
2. Level. At the very least I'd like to have my DK and one of every healer leveled with the exception of my paladin who is currently being geared for Herald of the Titans because that is more important than leveling her.
3. I'd like to work on a new blog layout that's not just a stock blogger layout or at least some new images for it so it looks a little less like stock.

As a final note, I'd like to thank everyone who dropped by this past year, and I hope to see you all in the new one.


  1. Happy New Year Malkshake! BTW you are a hard person to find...

  2. Happy New Year to you too Navimie. If you're looking for me in-game, yes, I am. I know all of my information is out there, it's just a matter of knowing where to look. I'd be happy to provide you my battle-tag or the name of my main and her server over twitter or email, whichever. If you'd prefer more of a challenge, I'll give you a hint. You're not going to find the info consolidated on here. It is; however, on Blog Azeroth.