Monday, 3 December 2012

LFD: Confessions of a Cranky Healer

I have a confession to make.

I am not always a good healer, and by that I mean a well behaved healer. Sometimes, I let asshats get to me. Sometimes, I get a little cranky. Sometimes, I misbehave.

Don't get me wrong, I love healing, It's the only role I slide into comfortably, the way one might slip into a pair of old jeans, the kind you've owned for years that are well broken in and maybe just a little too loose. I get anxious holding aggro, and I've never been good at holding a good rotation while paying attention to game mechanics the way that a dps role demands. I can; however, keep the people who choose to play those roles alive. As much as I love healing, I just don't love healing jerks or idiots, or morons.

Sometimes, I punish them.

It's not usually something that's spoken. I'm not very confrontational, nor do I think that words have as much meaning as actions.

Sometimes, if someone is enough of a jerk, I won't heal them. Not at all. Not for the rest of the instance.

Now, to be fair, I never do that to the tank. Letting the tank die on purpose is wrong, that's punishing the whole group over one asshat. If the tank is a douche bag, I usually just eat the dungeon cooldown.

I confess, that if you're a DPS, and you pull on purpose, I let you die. If you say something offensive, or are outright mean to another party member, you don't get heals. If you're a warlock using "Dark Apotheosis" you don't get heals until you turn it off. In low level dungeons, if you roll "need' on gear you can't use, you don't get heals.

The good news is that usually nobody notices my bad behavior, and there's usually someone else in the group who resurrects people that I refuse to acknowledge. 

I know that it's petty. Really, I do. I'm not proud of my behavior.

Feels better to get that off my chest though.

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