Monday, 31 December 2012

And a Happy New Year

With welcoming in the New Year tonight we also say goodbye to the holidays. I'll admit, I'm relieved, even happy to see them go and ready to go back into my normal routine. If there's one thing I can get behind, it's a good routine. I swear, I'm only a little bit of a control freak which I think is partially why I love healing so much. You'll notice that I elected to sit home and write on my blog rather then go out and get belligerent drunk, that's partially the control thing.

Anyway, with the return of normal day to day life both Cy and my parents will go back to working their regular hours and I will be left with more peaceful hours like the ones I'm using now to work on writing. Obviously, I can't speak for anyone else but I find it so much easier to put my fingers to the keys and post something when I'm alone. When Cy is home he always wants something from me be it doing dungeons or that he's hungry and wants help in the kitchen so I don't get the opportunity to sit down for an hour and work on new posts. When my parents are off mum always wants me to come over. She likes having me in the house, even if we're not doing anything together, which is fine but I never get any work done. Most of all, I will be glad to go back to school. I miss my lunch hours which have always been set aside for the reading, commenting, and replying to my own comments. I feel utterly lost without them. I miss my friends too, and I am anxious to see the new class rosters as there are some people I would like to see both in my class and not in it.

A few quick updates from the past few weeks. I'm now 1/2 of the way to owning my own Mr. Bigglesworth. I would be 8/12 but I've been running with Cy and we've agreed to run the dungeons until both of us finish the achievement and as such the pets that both of us need, both of us roll on. We run all four raids together and then I run AQ to Visidius and Molten Core, just the Harbinger solo. Also, I got my feral vermling by securing 250 unique pets.

I've been gearing up my priest I'm 10 ilevel points away from being LFR geared. Really the more I heal heroics the more I love Disc again. I can hardly believe that there was a time I felt I would never get into the absorption style of healing but gee, I just love it. I was sad to read that in 5.2 they are removing Spirit Shells ability to benefit from mastery. I understand that they need to make other stats attractive to Discipline, I just feel like scaling it back might be a better option than removing it altogether (this is just an opinion based largely on the rhetoric used in the description of our mastery and not at all on any actual numbers). Another note on the 5.2 changes, I really like the spell Holy Fire, mostly because it gives a nice little dot and breaks up the tedium of always spamming smite. It irks me that it's being trashed and consolidated into Power Word: Solace because nothing will ever make me give up mindbender. I really like my mana regen to be passive and not take up time I could potentially use for healing people. On a more positive note, I will happily take the buff to Angelic Feather so thank you for that Blizz.

A few notes on the New Year.

I'm sure everyone is doing this, but what good is a New Year if one does not make plans for it? Did I mention yet that I absolutely love plans? Oh and lists, I love lists.

1. I'd like to be able to make a blog schedule, one that I can realistically commit to that includes some sort of weekly or bi-monthly segment. I'd really like to do some sort of recurring segment.
2. Level. At the very least I'd like to have my DK and one of every healer leveled with the exception of my paladin who is currently being geared for Herald of the Titans because that is more important than leveling her.
3. I'd like to work on a new blog layout that's not just a stock blogger layout or at least some new images for it so it looks a little less like stock.

As a final note, I'd like to thank everyone who dropped by this past year, and I hope to see you all in the new one.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Hanging up my Tank Boots, and Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have to admit, I'm not really feeling it this year, the Christmas Spirit, that is. Ultimately, I'm down because instead of enjoying Christmas day with my family, I will be in the office, slaving away. No Christmas dinner, I'm in until 7:30. No early morning present opening, we, children are older now and the presents will begin opening at roughly the time I clock in. My parents have offered to drive me in, if I still want to spend the night at their place, which I have traditionally done, but it makes no sense, to the practical side of me at least, to have them wake up early to drive me in.

The whole situation just makes me seethe. I'm so angry, so angry that because I am my mothers daughter, all I have wanted to do, this whole month, is cry.

Because it's not fair.

Because there is nothing I can do about it.

I have never, in my life wanted to quit a job more than I do now. The truth is, I can't. Voluntary unemployment with no real prospects would be irresponsible and something that we couldn't handle financially at the moment. It's something that I can't do, but I want to.

I cannot see myself being anywhere near functional on Christmas morning when I go into work.

I hate to be such a downer this close to Christmas, but pretending that everything is awesome felt contrived and dishonest. I'm not willing to lie.

I know, that I'm being a huge baby about this. Believe me, I do. I know, that it could be worse, and that I am infinitely lucky to have a family that I wish so desperately to spend the holiday with and traditions that I hold so dear that it breaks my heart to let go of this year. Cy has told me more than once that I need to grow up and stop complaining about it. He doesn't have to work on Christmas. His advice just makes it worse.

Would you believe this was originally supposed to segue into a chat about WoW, and my Death Knight? Really, it wasn't meant to be an emotional over share, and I never intended to become so personal on here.

Back to that Death Knight post eh?

I had originally wanted to talk a little about what I've been doing this past week, since my school vacation started. The answer to that is levelling my death knight, like a fiend. Since I'm not raiding yet, and probably won't be, realistically, until the summer when I'll have time to seek out and devote to a raid team, levelling has provided me something to do in WoW since I'm not really feeling my dailies lately.

Really though, in discussing my levelling, I really wanted to talk about the quality of the dungeon groups I've been getting, or rather, the lack thereof.

It seems to me, that if your group has an asshat in it they can smell your insecurities. I've been a healer for 6 years now, and let me tell you, it is the ONLY role I fit comfortably into these days, which is ultimately the reason I'm levelling a class that cannot heal. I feel like some diversity in the role I play would probably be beneficial. I am not very confident yet as a tank.

I know the fights. I have a grasp on rotation. We almost never wipe and those wipes are not always caused by me. I would call myself a competent blood death knight, just not a confident one. I think that shows through my play style because regardless of how a dungeon is going if there is an asshat in my group, they will be taunting actually, I think I'd like to call it what it is, bullying me.

I've responded accordingly. I never engage the asshat. I initiate a kick, and if that fails, I leave myself. I'm just tired of dealing with this and because the only behaviour I have control of is my own, I went frost and decided to quest the rest of the way to 90. I really like my blood spec, and I'm going to continue using it to solo while I collect pets for raiding with leashes. I just don't think I'm ready to tank LFD yet, and that's fine.

Also, I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas, again I'm sorry that I can't share in the spirit right now. I'm working on it.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Raiding with Leashes

Blog Azeroth proposes a new topic for bloggers to discuss every week. This week is courtesy of Effraeti of Awaiting the Muse.

If a future patch adds more raid-dropped pets like those introduced in 5.1, what pets would you like to see? What raid and boss would they be available from?

I'll admit, picking only one was too easy. So, instead I decided that in keeping with the "Raiding with Leashes" theme, I would create my own achievement, only instead of Classic raids, all of the pets would come from Burning Crusade raids. We could call it "Crusading with Leashes" or "Crusading with Burning Leashes." So, here are my thoughts, I've included 12 pets that would drop from raid bosses and a couple of options for what I think would be appropriate achievement rewards.


The Curator, would drop himself obviously.

Shade of Aran, would also drop himself. I like to think that a semi-transparent mage pet would hearken back to the days when you couldn't go anywhere without "Archmage Vargoth"

Serpentshrine Cavern

Hydross the Unstable, because it's not fair that only mages can have a water elemental

The Lurker Below would drop something like a baby kracken, that, in a little bubble would be so cute.

Fathom-Lord Karathress because I've always wanted a pet naga.

Tempest Keep (The Eye)
Void Reaver. Come on, who's never wanted to own a Fel Reaver? I imagine it being a totally kick ass mechanical pet.

Battle for Mount Hyjal
Anetheron. Tiny dreadlord, 'nuff said
Azgalor. Hell yes, I want a tiny Pit Lord.

I think it would be great to get a gargoyle pet too. It could theoretically drop from any boss.

Black Temple
 Supremus, kind of like a minifernal but I like his colours better.

Shade of Akama. I think if I had one of these it would be the only pet my Enhance spec Shaman would use.

Reliquary of Souls. I think this boss is one of the ones I like fighting the least. It would feel good to have it follow me around.

Achievement Reward
So, once you've completed the achievement I actually have a couple of suggestions for possible rewards.
Felmyst, or rather, a fel whelp. I don't have the Wrath collectors edition, so there's nothing I wouldn't do to get a Frosty knock-off.

A Naaru. I feel like a tiny Naaru would be an appropriately epic reward for completion of such an achievement.

All images are from WoWWiki

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Giraffe Calf

I got my calf a week ago, probably more than a week ago now actually. I'm still excited watching it follow me around. So, I thought it was only appropriate to turn it into a project. Now two figures together is more than I usually ever do, so be kind.

In other news: Day two of Winterveil dailies, still no sign of Lumpy. Man, I was just way too good this year.

Two exams to go. :(

Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Official

It's exam week. Yuck.

So, if you were wondering where I fell off to, the answer is that I fell into my books.

Today, after my marketing exam was the first time I got to sign in all week. It was not as cathartic as I expect a puppy room would be, but I felt infinitely better afterwards. I'm sure the cat in my lap, bunting its head against my cheek helped too.

Anyway, I wanted, in this post to let everyone know how grateful I am, for the kind words and encouragement in regards to my artwork. I cannot, in words, tell you how wonderful that kind of support feels. Just know, that your kindness is truly appreciated, and that I have several projects on the go right now that I can't wait to post.

I'll be making a return to regularly scheduled content next week, when I'm done my exams :D

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Been Waiting a Long Time for This

Before I get started, I'd like to reference this post by "The Reason I am here. Living the "Why Not Life".

It was his post, and the subsequent twitter conversation, posted below for your viewing pleasure, that have ultimately brought this one into being.

There is a lot about myself that I don't share with anyone. That's not to say I don't want to, I just happen to be a very cautious person. I tend to over think things and ultimately I think I turn down or talk myself out of a lot of opportunities because of it. I have always asked myself "why", when I should have said "why not."

I cannot tell you how many times I thought about starting this blog and stopped myself asking, "why would anyone read it?" "Why would I want to put myself out there? Why, when I am just going to be rejected in the end?"

I think fear of rejection is ultimately what motivates my constant second-guessing. Even now, I'm questioning "Why am I writing this?" Because I have to, because if I don't, that fear will always be there.

In the spirit of embracing the "why not" lifestyle, if only for a moment, I have something that I would like to share with you, all of you dear internet. It is way overdue, I just never had the courage before, and I need to put it out there now before I lose my nerve.

You should know, that when I was a child, all I ever wanted to be was an artist. I spent hours upon hours drawing, colouring, painting etc. My parents were, and have always been supportive of me but I'm sure you know how it is when you get older. Things you wanted in childhood get abandoned for more practical pursuits. As I grew up, I learned that it was neigh impossible to be successful and be an artist lest you have oodles of natural talent and likely some form of professional training/guidance. I'll let you know that while I feel I have a smattering of natural ability,  it's not enough and it definitely hasn't been cultivated into much.

My art became something deeply personal. It was something I hid from people unless they found me out. Even Cy, didn't know I drew until a year into our relationship and I didn't tell him. He found my doodles, hidden away in the middle of a binder filled with otherwise blank paper. It's not something I share anymore, because I've told myself I'm not good at it enough that I've come to believe that, and because I feel like one ought to be good at something to share it with other people.

So, in light of today's events, I'd like to post my latest picture, and open myself up to the potential fallout. Am I scared? Sure am, but if not now, when?

I'd like to thank both Cy, for encouraging me to post this when I was having second thoughts, and Wowmartiean for inspiring me to try in the first place.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Shared Topic: Winterveil Wishlist

Blog Azeroth proposes a new topic for bloggers to discuss every week. This week is courtesy of Noahdeer of Be MOP.

Winter Veil is around the corner and it's time to sit upon Greatfather Winter's lap and answer the important question, "What do you want for Winter Veil?" Is it that expensive grand expedition yak? a nice transmog custom outfit? or a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock?

What is on your Winter Veil wishlist?

A public letter to Greatfarther Winter

Dearest Greatfather Winter,

I am not sure what to ask for this year.

I was going to request a Giraffe Calf, but as I was flying around the Barrens to snap a screen shot of yet another infuriating, calf-less family of Giraffes, I caught one.

I was going to ask for a Cinder Kitten, Greatfather, but Cy beat you to it. This little buddy was in my email this morning

So, Greatfather, forgive me, because I haven't got many things to ask for.

1. I would love the rest of the pets toward the Mr. Bigglesworth achievement. I know 11 pets is a lot, since I've only got the Mini Mindslayer so far. Ultimately, I would be happy to just get the pets I can't solo easily.

2. Could you get my Death Knight to level 90? My shaman too while you're at it? Or give me time... enough time to do it myself. I'd like that too.

3. This last one is the most difficult one, but it's also the most important, so I hope you can handle it. I would really like if you could give my realm its sense of community back. Lately, it's been kind of dead and I would really appreciate to see trade chat active again. I would even settle for a nice, new, social guild.

Thank you, in advance Greatfather.

Sincerely, Malkshake.

Monday, 3 December 2012

LFD: Confessions of a Cranky Healer

I have a confession to make.

I am not always a good healer, and by that I mean a well behaved healer. Sometimes, I let asshats get to me. Sometimes, I get a little cranky. Sometimes, I misbehave.

Don't get me wrong, I love healing, It's the only role I slide into comfortably, the way one might slip into a pair of old jeans, the kind you've owned for years that are well broken in and maybe just a little too loose. I get anxious holding aggro, and I've never been good at holding a good rotation while paying attention to game mechanics the way that a dps role demands. I can; however, keep the people who choose to play those roles alive. As much as I love healing, I just don't love healing jerks or idiots, or morons.

Sometimes, I punish them.

It's not usually something that's spoken. I'm not very confrontational, nor do I think that words have as much meaning as actions.

Sometimes, if someone is enough of a jerk, I won't heal them. Not at all. Not for the rest of the instance.

Now, to be fair, I never do that to the tank. Letting the tank die on purpose is wrong, that's punishing the whole group over one asshat. If the tank is a douche bag, I usually just eat the dungeon cooldown.

I confess, that if you're a DPS, and you pull on purpose, I let you die. If you say something offensive, or are outright mean to another party member, you don't get heals. If you're a warlock using "Dark Apotheosis" you don't get heals until you turn it off. In low level dungeons, if you roll "need' on gear you can't use, you don't get heals.

The good news is that usually nobody notices my bad behavior, and there's usually someone else in the group who resurrects people that I refuse to acknowledge. 

I know that it's petty. Really, I do. I'm not proud of my behavior.

Feels better to get that off my chest though.