Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Oscar Mogs for Matty

Let me preface this with I don't mog. Rather, I don't make my own mog sets. My priest is wearing full tier 6. So, the only thing in her entire outfit that I needed to match was her staff. This is totally new to me, but I could not resist trying my hand at Matty's Oscar mog contest because I love movies.

Ultimately, I ended up choosing The Little Mermaid - one of my all time favourite movies.

Chest - Ebonhold Armor 
Legs - Simple Kilt
Offhand - 34 Pound Redgill

Prince Eric
Chest - Rat Hair Vest 
Legs - Azure Silk Pants 

Chef Louis
Head - Chef's Hat 
Chest - Buccaneer's Vest 
Shirt - Red Linen Shirt
Tabard - Apron
Waist - Thick Ravager Belt 

 In reaching the conclusion I tested about 5 different movies, trying to find the right pieces for characters. One of those was Wreck-it Ralph and I've decided to post this guy up because I would have liked to do that movie; however, I just wasn't happy with any of the other outfits I made for it.

 Fix-it Felix
Head - Arcane Cover
Chest - Royal Blouse
Gloves - Narassin's Gloves


  1. These are amazing!! Love them! Take a bow, my dear

    1. Thank you :), I'm so glad, and slightly relieved that you like them.

  2. Oh how cute, the blue skirt is perfect and the redgill funny LOL. I think your Felix is cute too, I've got that movie but haven't watched it yet. I'll have to fix that =)

    1. Thank you :). I thought it would be nice to include one of the fish since half of the movie takes place underwater :P.

      It's such a good movie. You should definitely take the time to watch it.

  3. Those are great outfits Malk. I'm totally loving the Chef...might have to steal that outfit for a cooking outfit for my toons. Well done!

  4. Hmm, my comment is eaten!
    I love your costumes, the Fix it felix is cute! Esp since I'm loving that movie :)

    1. Thank you :). I love the movie too. The only thing that bugged me was that some of the game references were totally lost on me.

    2. I'm not even sure if some are real games or not... I mean the Qbit, Streetfighter, Sonic, Pacman, Mario Bros... I recognised those but some of the others... not so sure.

    3. None of the games that any of the main characters came from were real - for obvious reasons. They all had genres I could relate to though.

      I'm sure a lot of the other games were made up, but for example, I had never heard of Qbit until mum told me as we were leaving. They sent some time in Tapper too and mum identified it for me too.

  5. They are all great! I love Chef Louis!

  6. Another great movie choice. Hehe, Ariel is holding a fish and great bonus costume too.

    1. Thanks, I'm a sucker for Disney Princesses lol and I couldn't do the movie and not make use of a fish off-hand :P