Saturday, 24 November 2012

IntPiPoMo - Darkshore

This evening I took a trip down to Darkshore. I'm still in the mood to reminisce about my early days in WoW and Darkshore was the second zone that I ever entered. I took a trip down to see the wreckage in early Cataclysm, and to snap this ridiculous fan-girl photo with Malfurion.

  That's right. I tried to play it off like we were both waving at the camera.

I haven't been back to Darkshore since then, except to fly through. In fact, last night I was going down to Un'Goro to train my battle pets and, hopefully, catch some new ones, I flew right through. Normally, I would just watch the tv, but then I noticed the river underneath my character.

 I took some without the Hippogryph too, but I ended up liking this one the best.

It was then, that I knew Darkshore needed to be revisited.

 This is a waterfall by the Grove of the Ancients.

The Auberdine pier, this still makes me sad.

Enormous waterfall, appropriately in the "Maw of the Void"

 Bridge in Lor'danel, the new quest hub that replaced Auberdine, over one of the rivers that feeds the Maw.



  1. Very pretty shots. I feel sad whenever I pass through Darkshore these days, pre-the Shattering it was one of my favourite zones and now, whilst perhaps even more bleak and beautiful, it's just not the same.

    1. Thank you, I spent a lot of time there too before the shattering. While I feel they improved the zone in the shattering, I definitely agree it's not the same and the part of me that is nostalgic misses it. Especially Auberdine.

  2. I like those shots of you waving with Malfurion! Even if I can't stand the sight of him, he is my class leader after all... I wish he'd shave that monstrosity off...

    1. Thank you. Agree that he'd look better without the beard. Movember or no, there's a limit.